Is bottled water service only for the office?

  • No – You may get bottled water delivered right to your door and delivery is always free.

Do I need to buy a cooler for my water?

  • No – Although some people do buy coolers, we at H2Oregon have a variety of coolers at low monthly rentals that are serviced free.
  • If you already own a cooler, we will deliver H2Oregon Premium Water to use in your cooler.

What size are the bottles?

  • 5 gallon returnable bottles with the no-spill cap (For your cooler)
  • 3 gallon returnable bottles with the no-spill cap (For your cooler)
  • 1 gallon bottles/6 per case
  • 1 liter bottles/12 per case
  • 20 oz. bottles/24 per case with sport caps (For on the go)
  • 16.9 oz. bottles/24 per case with flat caps (For on the go)
  • 8 oz. bottles/48 per case Flat caps (Great for the little ones)

How much water will we use?

  • Most adults will consume about 5 gallons per month.
  • Bottled water makes great tasting coffee and other beverages and will increase how much water you will consume.
  • Cooking, watering house plants and making sure your pets stay hydrated may use a little more.
  • Your route sales person will guide you on how much water to keep on hand.

How big is a water cooler?

  • Most coolers take one square foot of floor space and stand about four feet tall with the bottle.
  • You may choose a counter top cooler, a crock and stand or a bottle pump.

Do water coolers cost a lot to operate?

  • No – We buy coolers that are energy star rated to consume the lowest amount of power possible.
  • Crocks and pumps use no power at all and provide room temperature water.

How do I get water to my home or office?

  • We deliver free. We put you on a route and deliver on a specified delivery day or days of each month.
  • If you are not home on your delivery day, just leave your bottles out for your route sales person to exchange for full bottles.
  • Your friendly route sales person will do all the work. We will put your water where you want it. Service and delivery is free.

What if I run out of water before my delivery date?

  • Just call and we deliver.
  • If you run out early we will help you figure out how much more water you will want to keep on hand.
  • You will want to keep a couple extra bottles on hand in case of an emergency (at least one per person in your family).

Does your company recycle your 5 gallon bottles?

  • Yes. We use the highest quality, safest products for our water. Our 3 and 5 gallon bottles are washed, cleaned and sanitized and are refilled about 50 times before they are recycled and used for other products.

Are your plastic bottles safe?

  • Yes. H2Oregon only uses FDA and NSF approved containers for our products. We test our products for contaminates to ensure your safety.

What about Bottle Deposits?

  • Refundable bottle deposits may apply. Ask your sales representative for details. Small single serve products are 100% recyclable. In Oregon, they have a 5¢ refundable bottle deposit required by the Oregon State Bottle Bill.
  • You may redeem your deposit at your favorite grocery store or a state bottle redemption center.

What is the shelf life of Bottled Water?

  • Although there is not an expiration date for bottled water, we recommend that you store your water in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. Bottled water should not be stored with chemicals or petroleum products. For the best product, rotate,first in – first used, and replace annually. Small sizes are handy and easy to use in an emergency.

What if I have concerns about the quality of your water?

  • H2Oregon is a proud member of the International Bottled Water Association. We are a founding member of the Northwest Bottled Water Association. We follow the strict guidelines of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to ensure quality and public safety. All of H2Oregon’s products come with our quality assurance – No Risk, Money Back Guarantee.

What if I have other questions?

  • Contact our Customer Service Center

1-800-829-9287 or accounting@H2Oregonwater.com

H2Oregon Premium Water Company has achieved NSF’s Highest Excellence in Manufacturing Award for 2012. We are proud of this top honor for Product Quality Assurance.