Water Coolers

water coolers 2

hot cold bug Hot and Cold Coolers

Our Hot and Cold coolers deliver delicious ice cold drinking water, as well as piping hot water for teas, soups or coffee. The sleek design will complement your décor. Our coolers are energy start rated and feature child-safety hot faucets. Available in white or black.

hot cold bottom bug New Bottom Loading Hot and Cold Cooler

Great office unit. Aesthetically pleasing and easy to exchange water bottles. Like all our products, it is energy star rated and child safe. This has one extra step in that it utilizes a pump for the water to process through the unit therefore once you have loaded the bottle you will need to be sure to use the tube insert. Available in black only.

room temp bug Room Temperature and Cold Coolers

Room Temperature and Cold Coolers provide ice cold drinking water and room temperature water for coffee, cooking or mixing up your favorite beverages. Other uses include making ice, water for your pets and plants. Available in white or black.

crock bug Porcelain Crock and Stand

Porcelain crocks naturally dispense room temperature water and require no electricity. Easy to clean and dishwasher safe, they look great in any home or office

Hand Water Pumps

Take our bottled water with you. Hand pumps are perfect for RV’s, boating and camping, as well as emergency water dispensing.

filtration bug Filtration Cooler Systems

This unit provides filtered, hot and cold water for improved tap water uses (plumbing required). Low monthly Rental programs